At the Black Market in Wild City you can exchange items.

Exchange goldEdit


Collect one flower from every city and they can be exchanged at the Black Market for 10 gold! Flowers are restocked once per hour at a random time!

Chrysanthemum (Хризантема) - Wild CityEdit

Peony (Пион) - Hong KongEdit

Protea (Протея) - CapetownEdit

Water lily (Кувшинка) - CairoEdit

Dahlia (Георгин) - MexicoEdit

Sagebrush (Полынь) - Las VegasEdit

Crab cactus (Эпифиллум) - Rio de JaneiroEdit

Cherry blossom (цветок сакуры) - TokyoEdit

Red rose (Красная роза) - LondonEdit

Tulip (Тюльпан) - AmsterdamEdit

Daisy (Маргаритка) - RomeEdit


Several other recipes are available:

Fried fishEdit

Duration: 100 mins

Effect: Strength +20, Strength Training Increased

Ingredient Location Price
Vegetable Oil Cape Town
Chili Sauce Rio de Janeiro
Perch Tokyo 1000
Table Salt Las Vegas


Duration: 100 mins

Effect: Defense +20, Defense Training Increased

Ingredient Location Price
Rice Cape Town
Soy Sauce Hong Kong
Spices Mexico City
Shrimp Rome

Sushi platterEdit

Duration: 100 Mins

Effect: Speed +20, Speed Training Increased

Ingredient Location Price
Rice Cape Town
Mustard Las Vegas
Perch Tokyo 1000
Squid Cairo

Lamb stewEdit

Duration: 100 Mins

Effect: Dexterity +20, Dexterity Training Increased

Ingredient Location Price
Potato Mexico City
Lamb Meat Hong Kong
Egg Rio de Janeiro
Table Salt Las Vegas

Chocolate cakeEdit

Duration: 100 Mins

Effect: Restores 15 points of energy

Ingredient Location Price
Flour Wild City
Vegetable Oil Cape Town
Granulated Sugar Cairo
Cream London

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