Items available at the tokyo mall

Category Item Price Stats
Weapon Shop Samurai Sword 200000

Dmg: 47

Acc: 44

Bayonet 220000

Dmg: 36

Acc: 59

G3A3 230000

Dmg: 79

Acc: 19

FAMAS F1 250000

Dmg: 72

Acc: 29

Armor Shop Outer Tactical Vest 100000

Eva: 37

Def: 40

Specialities Gundam Model 12119(v)
Sashimi 28546(v)
Kimono 25788(v)
Grocery Mask 4500
Driving License 1800
Computer 5000
Artist's Certificate 10000
Trophy 100000
Herbs Red Bull 200000 Increases energy by 50, Cooldown lasts 240 mins
Collection Items Cherry Blossom 100
Amber 100
Dish Market Perch 1000

Prices marked with a (v) are variable and change constantly

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