The 4 main battle stats in Wild City are strength, defense, speed and dexterity. You can improve them by going to the gym or using certain items. Battle stats are very important when fighting as they affect your performance. For a more detailed explanation of how the stats affect battles, see the Fighting page on this wiki. Your stats also affect which jobs you can take. Battle stats are capped according to your level.


Strength is a measure of your brute power.

Items with effects on strength
Item Effect
Fried fish While in effect, strength increases 20 and strength training is more effective.
Strength program card Permanent strength increase by 1%


Defense is how well you can defend yourself.


In a battle the player with the highest speed will get the first strike and help you hit and not getting dodged.


Dexterity is your ability to dodge your opponent's attacks.


Your maximum health is related to your level and your defense stat. It represents how much damage you can take before losing a fight. You can restore your health in the Hospital.